At times, life can feel difficult and unmanageable. Feelings of depression, anxiety, adjustment, anger, trauma and grief can be overwhelming. Patterns in your life may seem to be repeating themselves and you are unsure of why. You may be thinking “How do I start this difficult task of finding someone for services?” I am here to help. As a therapist for more than 12 years, I have worked in many types of settings (private practice, institutions and public sector) and have treated a variety of disorders.

Coping skills and tools acquired during the therapeutic process can be life changing. Suffering from psychological stressors takes a toll not only mentally but physically. If you are tired of experiencing these discomforts you are ready for therapeutic inventions. The first step is to reach out and discuss your current stressors and struggles by completing an intake form. Completing the intake form online is free of charge. Once the form is completed, I will contact you to discuss our first counseling session. To ensure you are feeling secure with sharing information about yourself, I would like to clarify that all sessions are confidential and your privacy is important to me.

I am Robin Roberts, an English speaking expat therapist based in North and South Holland. My locations include Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Den Haag and I am currently accepting new patients from these areas. I am a part of ACCESS Counselling Services Network. The ACCESS Counselling Service Network (CSN) consists of licensed professionals with practices all over the Netherlands, to support the needs of the international community. If you are looking for psychological services please feel free to contact me.

Telephone contact: 0628966651
Email: yourtherapistabroad@gmail.com


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