Therapy & Counseling:
Couples Therapy

Who needs couples therapy? Well, possibly many of us! Couples Therapy shouldn’t be a last resort, but viewed as a way of supporting the growth and development of our relationships. Every couple goes through periods of friction: career demands, parenting, trust breakdowns, communication difficulties … seeking professional assistance to explore and resolve problems is an investment in the wellbeing of your relationship.

Why Choose Couples Therapy?

Choosing couples therapy can feel huge – it starts with the process of accepting that all is not well in your relationship or can be better, which can be frightening, especially if one of you is at this point and the other is not there yet. However, recognizing that there is a problem can be easier than you think, it’s relatively common for both partners to think that some professional support would be useful, although neither is confident about starting the process. This can be where a free and confidential 15 minute call really helps – which is why I offer this service so that you can open up to the idea that working with a therapist can help you both find a path through a difficult period or situation. Asking questions about concerns or fears is normal, and is vital to the overall success of your therapy.

What is Couples Counseling?

Couples therapy and couples counseling are synonymous terms, they mean the same thing and the difference in terminology doesn’t indicate any difference in approach. I use a range of approaches to help resolve relationship issues, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Supportive Counseling, based on each couple’s individual circumstances, needs and desired outcomes.

Outside issues, as well as internal changes, can create dysfunction in a couple’s dynamic – retirement or health issues, decline in emotional or sexual intimacy, financial challenges – any and all of these can create problems within a relationship and couples counseling is a safe space in which to explore problems and seek solutions. During couples therapy, both partners gain insight into the dynamics of their relationship, and a range of tools, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gottman Methods and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy can help both parties with acceptance and change.

Of course some relationships do change and Finding better ways to communicate as you move through a relationship can help you, your partner, and all those close to you, to have a harmonious and well-managed exit strategy and maintain good communications throughout a difficult process.

Couples Therapy Amsterdam

If you’re ready to explore how your relationship difficulties could be better managed through couples therapy, please contact me to see how I can help you. A free intake session is offered via telephone to answer any
questions you may have and to obtain more background information.

FEES: Couples sessions: €190 for a 60 minute session

These fees include the BTW. All payments are to be made by the patient on the date of the session. No Dutch insurance is currently being accepted. If patients have alternative insurance coverage they can attempt to get reimbursed by their international insurances but this is not guaranteed by the provider. Patients are responsible to give 24 hours notice if they can not attend their scheduled session or they will be responsible for payment.