I started seeing Robin almost two years ago when I found myself on a burnout from my job. I didn’t yet realize it but I was also at a crossroads—in my career, in my relationship with my family and my partner and in life in general. From our very first session, I felt completely comfortable opening up to her, that she was truly listening and she was invested in getting to know and help me.

I left that first session feeling more clear and in control than I had in months. During every session since, Robin has helped me be honest with myself and leave with a couple tangible things to work on before our next session. It never ceases to amaze me what she remembers from our many conversations or her ability to let me get ‘there’ in my own time. She even checks in on me when we haven’t seen each other in a bit because she knows me.

Robin has played such an important role in helping me cope with my anxieties, my crutches and experiences from my past. She has helped me to become more confident and stand up to and for myself.

I always feel like our session was the best thing I did for myself that week. I have said to her before and genuinely mean it that say some people have a gift for understanding and helping people—Robin is one of those people.