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Expat Therapist

Why consider an expat therapist? Being an expat can be both exhilarating and terrifying. There are so many reasons that people become an expatriate:

• Career – moving to a new country for work, income or opportunity
• Romance – relocating to be with a partner
• Family – moving to be closer to close family members
• Politics – leaving your home country for safety or survival reasons.

Any of these things, in and of themselves, are a major emotional upheaval. Some are exciting and rewarding, others may be challenging and full of fear and loss. Whatever the basic driver of becoming an expat, many people experience the same emotions – adjusting to expat life is like driving a road full of hairpin bends, demanding and exhausting with moments of high excitement and enjoyment being rapidly followed by anxiety and loneliness.

How Does Expat Counseling Help?

It’s not surprising that many people feel the need for an expat therapist or psychologist. There’s the trauma of culture shock, the physical responses to a new location, such as homesickness, sleep difficulties, and the pressure of settling into a new place, including the rarely recognized stress of the sheer amount of bureaucracy involved in becoming an expat. Add to that the emotional burden of being separated from your home culture, family and friends and it’s easy to reach the tipping point of fragile mental health. If you’re the partner of an expat, there are additional challenges and pressures – there can be a lack of structure, a sense of loneliness and a difficulty in finding purpose in a new place. And for many families, there’s the added problem of being separated from partners, parents or children and trying to establish long distance relationships with loved ones.

The final difficulty is that few of us want to admit that we’re struggling. It’s often culturally important to be seen as ‘hitting the ground running’ and that can mean that we don’t want to tell colleagues and family members that we’re finding things hard

Your Expat Therapist Amsterdam

As an Expat Therapist I help people to make successful adjustments to their new lives, by working through the challenges of acclimatization and exploring how to find their place in a new culture whilst honoring those early feelings of not belonging or not fitting in. Expat counseling provides the tools necessary for a supportive transition – leading to a rewarding and enjoyable expat experience.

Individual sessions: €140 for a 50 minute session

These fees include the BTW.

INDIVIDUAL SESSION: €140 for a 50 minute session

These fees include the BTW. All payments are to be made by the patient on the date of the session. No Dutch insurance is currently being accepted. If patients have alternative insurance coverage they can attempt to get reimbursed by their international insurances but this is not guaranteed by the provider. Patients are responsible to give 24 hours notice if they can not attend their scheduled session or they will be responsible for payment.