Robin is an amazing human and very talented and compassionate about her work. I recently attended a sound bath which left me feeling very calm, happy and grounded. I absolutely loved the experience! Thank you Robin!

Robin helped my family and I stabilize and improve our relationships in our home. Our conversations helped me to resolve my work issues and move forward. Robin helped me have a more positive outlook, to learn but not dwell on the past, and most of all appreciate all the good things in my life for which I am thankful.

Along the years, I was faced with making some very difficult life changing decisions, some that caused anxiety and melt- downs. I very thankful and fortunate to say that Robin was always a phone call away. In my moments of despair Robin listened and helped me battle my fears.

Robin is an absolute lifesaver! She’s been a stable and guiding voiceover the years whenever I find myself overwhelmed, depressed, and/or anxious. Her ability to help me cut through the worry and insomnia, focus on the facts, and provide me with tangible tips & self-help methods makes me feel in control of my life again. She’s helped me transition into motherhood, through work stress, and through rocky times in my relationship. I’ve recommended her to multiple friends and colleagues and would absolutely recommend her to anyone else looking for an excellent psychologist. She’s hands-down the BEST therapist I’ve worked with, and I’ve seen a handful both here in NL and in the USA.

It has been 6 years and we continue to do great things together. Setting goals and helping me learned how to manage my feels and fears. Although we are miles away from each other, Robin continues to challenge me, and help me grow and become more aware of my inner self. I can’t imagine not having her as my therapist. She has become family. We love Robin and can’t thank her enough for helping us restore our home again.

I’ve been working with Robin for a year and a half. Robin has been instrumental in helping me understand the ins and outs of my anxiety and in helping me target my anxiety effectively. She is practical, honest and kind.
Thank you for all your help Robin!

Robin has made an enormous impact on our lives. We were at a crossroads and unclear about whether or how to move forward in our relationship, and in our sessions, she helped untangle both immediate and deeper concerns. She tried “out of the box” methods, which led to concrete results. After about six months of therapy, we made the decision to stay together, and we’re now expecting our first child! Not only did Robin help us sort out our issues, she also gave us tools for the future. We couldn’t be more pleased with the help Robin has provided.

Today I am a slightly different, much happier person, and yet I feel much more like ‘me’. I have learned a lot of beneficial new skills – like standing up for myself! I am much less anxious, feel much more able to cope with things that come my way and I am confident that I will maintain all these positive changes over time. I have not felt depressed in a long time. I already had some support from friends and family but working with Robin made a huge difference that I really needed. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am extremely grateful to Robin for all her skills, honesty and support over the years. Also, it’s worth noting that very often I am laughing during our sessions which helps too!”

Working with Robin has massively changed my life for the better. It’s actually quite hard to describe the transformation because all those intense bad feelings from a few years ago really have faded over time, which I did not believe was possible when we started. It was not an easy process, especially in the beginning, however I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to bring about positive changes in themselves and is willing to do the (sometimes very challenging) work. It was a relief to be able to speak completely openly, with a focus on help and not on judgement. This made me more able to feel and express all of my feelings, positive and negative.

I started seeing Robin almost two years ago when I found myself on a burnout from my job. I didn’t yet realize it but I was also at a crossroads—in my career, in my relationship with my family and my partner and in life in general. From our very first session, I felt completely comfortable opening up to her, that she was truly listening and she was invested in getting to know and help me.

I left that first session feeling more clear and in control than I had in months. During every session since, Robin has helped me be honest with myself and leave with a couple tangible things to work on before our next session. It never ceases to amaze me what she remembers from our many conversations or her ability to let me get ‘there’ in my own time. She even checks in on me when we haven’t seen each other in a bit because she knows me.

Robin has played such an important role in helping me cope with my anxieties, my crutches and experiences from my past. She has helped me to become more confident and stand up to and for myself.

I always feel like our session was the best thing I did for myself that week. I have said to her before and genuinely mean it that say some people have a gift for understanding and helping people—Robin is one of those people.